Serta iComfort, the latest in memory foam technology to ensure the perfect nights sleep.

Since its introduction, the iComfort® Sleep System has helped people get the comfort they need without the potential negatives associated with traditional memory foam sleep systems. In fact:

  • 98% of iComfort mattress owners surveyed are satisfied with their mattress purchase;
  • 97% would recommend iComfort to a friend or colleague;
  • 9 out of 10 iComfort mattress owners agree that iComfort properly supports their entire body.

Serta iComfort Mattress in Milton

Outstanding Pressure Relief
Too much pressure build-up while you sleep can cause disruptive tossing and turning. Serta’s Cool Action™ Dual Effects® material is uniquely designed to help reduce average body pressure while you sleep, which can help reduce tossing and turning for a deeper, more restful sleep.

Support Where You Need it
Most Serta’s Cool Action™ Dual Effects® material works to uniquely support your body where it needs it most. Millions of MicroSupport® gel beads gather under the areas of your body that need extra support. With the right support, your muscles can relax and rejuvenate, so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Enhanced Cooling Comfort
Heat build-up during the night can cause uncomfortable and restless sleep. Serta’s Cool Action™ Dual Effects® material combines an open cell structure with our exclusive MicroCool+ gel to significantly increase airflow and the ability to dissipate heat.

Together, these properties help whisk heat away from the body. In fact, 98% of iComfort owners who are sensitive to temperature while sleeping rate their sleep quality positively.

Come visit our store and try a Serta iComfort memory foam mattress to experience the difference for yourself! Our dedicated and knowledgeable team will help you pick out the right mattress for your unique sleep need.

Queen Sets from $1299.99 Savant III, Prodigy III & Guidance 

FREE local delivery in the Halton Region. Most deliveries for iComfort mattresses are within 4 to 5 business days.

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